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Croom is a very traditional Irish village, a little gem right in the centre of county Limerick. It is idyllically situated on the River Maigue and is home to the famous Maigue Poets who resided here in the 1700’s and are renowned for developing the 5 stanza verse known as the Limerick. Here’s one to bring a smile to your face…

An elderly man called Keith, Mislaid his set of false teeth, They’d been laid on a chair, He’d forgot they were there, Sat down, and was bitten beneath.

Croom has many attractions two of which are the 12th century castle built during the reign of King John and Dysert Aongusa Church and Round Tower, which some believe was built circa 8th century. The ruin is presently being restored and will be well worth a visit when it is open to the public shortly.