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Weight Loss Coaching

Have you tried every diet under the sun? How many slimming clubs have you joined over and over again?  Do you feel that the reason you are carrying excess weight is because you don’t have enough will power?


As your personal weight loss coach I will work with you to achieve health, well being and your dream body. I use a number of different skills, techniques, modalities and therapies to assist you on your journey. These include CBT, access consciousness, access bars, body processes, personal training and much more. Every session is tailored to your individual needs and this is done face to face in my premises at Croom Mills or in Corbally. Sessions are one hour.

My weight loss coaching is unique in that I look at the person from a holistic perspective. Each of us is very special and one size does not fit all.  I take everything into account from your relationship with food to nutrition to lifestyle to emotional eating to the cognitive mind to lapse prevention and so much more.  Our bodies all respond differently. What if you were to start listening to your body?

I offer 6 and 12 week coaching programmes. I also offer individual sessions however I would always advise starting with the 6 week programme as personal development is a process and one session is not really enough. This program is not a quick fix.  If diets really worked would people still be overweight today?

What Is The Programme About?

This programme is a process that will allow you to achieve lasting results while managing your weight and being mindful of what you eat.  It will allow you to work closely with me and share any problems or concerns you may have or develop in a confidential environment.  I can offer you my expertise and knowledge when it comes to weight management and assist you to understand your relationship with food.  This programme will help you;

  • Discover how you may have been sabotaging yourself and what you can do to change this
  • Learn how to change your behaviour in a way that supports you.
  • Learn what works and what doesn’t with regard to food and diets.
  • Discover how your habits and beliefs about food are making you gain weight and what to do to change this
  • How to be at choice with your eating and still enjoy all food
  • Work towards your target with support and feedback on a weekly basis to keep you on track