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Raynor Massage             


What is Raynor Massage

It is a form of deep tissue massage having evolved from various styles of massage across the globe by Brandon Raynor.  It covers both the muscular and skeletal systems as well as the more subtle energy systems.

Why Should I come for a Raynor Massage

If you are experiencing pain, mental, emotional or physical stress, discomfort or other health issues Raynor Massage could be the answer.  Clients who come for Raynor massage can be experiencing a broad range of conditions from headaches to back problems to constipation to emotional stress to old injuries all to name just a few.

The main focus with Raynor is on finding and removing any residual tension in the body and getting rid of it. Therefore, I locate the areas of tension in the body and use appropriate moves to eliminate it.

I often find the area of pain or discomfort is not necessarily the area that needs to be worked on.   I trace it back to its route and start from there to release the pain and tension.  This is usually above or below the problem area.

I focus on key parts of the body including feet, hands, head, sacrum and hips as it is believed that these areas are prone to getting blocked and freeing up that stagnation will not just make these areas feel great but will benefit the whole body.

When we are at rest there should be no tension in our bodies, however this is often not the case.  Tension can be felt as hard, sore and tight muscles.  Ideally our muscles should be soft, pliable and painless when at rest.  

There are many reasons for residual tension from physical to emotional to mental to spiritual.  This can manifest as (sports) injuries, body aches and pains and lots of other kinds of illness and disease.  Receiving a Raynor massage helps whatever is stuck in the body to come to the surface facilitating the way for release and in turn releasing the tension and potentially eliminating the aches, pain, injury etc. A willingness to let go is paramount during the session. In doing so it frees the body and the person.  Deep belly breathing is a huge part of Raynor Massage as it assists greatly with the process.

For more information check out www.raynormassage.com


  • Increases circulation of blood and lymph
  • Relaxes tight muscles, tendons and ligaments
  • Frees up nerve tissue that has had tight muscle tissue restricting it
  • Breaks up stored toxins in the body so they can be eliminated easier
  • Allows better organ and brain function by improving circulation and nerve supply, and by taking pressure from tight muscles of the organs
  • Increases vitality by stimulating the flow of Chi or life force
  • Can assist in the healing of tissue by increasing circulation to that area
  • Can break up fibrous adhesions around joint tissue


One hour session: €75

3 one hour sessions for €200


I enjoy Raynor massage therapy with Aoife as her approach is responsive to my body’s individual needs. The Raynor massage therapy accesses parts of me, physical and emotional that any other massage treatment simply does not get to.

While the Raynor style can feel initially intense, I have found that Aoife works with my responses and adjusts the work according to what my body needs. I have come away each time feeling cleansed, open and much brighter than when I entered her cosy therapy space.

Maria Van De Munckhof

Raynor Massage

I was curious to experience Raynor Massage to see what affect it would have on my aches and pains.  I have tried other types of massage but found the benefits to be shorted lived.  Raynor is quite different and can be quite intense but I found the benefits to be much greater.  I had been experiencing hip pain for about a year and I was sure a hip replacement was what I required but after just 2 sessions with Aoife the pain completely went away and the hip has not given me any trouble since.  I can hardly believe it!

I feel Aoife has a special way of working with the body and seems to be very tuned in.

I look forward to my weekly session with Aoife and come away feeling lighter, brighter and more energized.

Mary Kavanagh

Raynor Massage Client